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2017/01 MMM and the European Pillar of Social Rights

Today MMM joined a group of NGOs to issue a statement asking MEPs to honour its work-life balance pledges in the European Pillar of Social Rights. Tomorrow the European Parliament will vote on the report “European Pillar of Social Rights" which touches upon a number of very relevant themes for families in Europe, including their chances to better reconcile work, family, care and personal life.
MMM jointly calls on the European Parliament to reaffirm its position in favour of reconciling work and family life and stop amendments watering down its position, by excluding the call for legislative initiatives at EU level.
For more information: Statement 

MMM Greetings 2017

2016/10/27 MMM, member of the European Social Platform


On 27th October the European Delegation of Make Mothers Matter became a member of the Social Platform.

Created in 1995, it is the largest network of European civil society organisations working in the social sector. It is now composed of 48 members representing  more than 11,600 national organisations in every EU member state.
Their mission is to advocate for policies that bring social progress to all in the European Union applying a human-rights approach to all of their work to fight for a socially just and cohesive Europe that promotes equality, diversity, solidarity, democracy and human dignity.
The issues they work on can be divided into six key categories:

2016/10/19 Europe Summit Human Rights in Chilbirth

On 19th October 2016 MMM helped organise and was a speaker at the Human Rights in Childbirth Fourth European Summit. It took place in Strasbourg (France), seat of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). This Summit of mothers, birth professionals, lawyers and other stakeholders occurred in the framework of the conference “Birth is a Human Rights Issue,” organized by Midwifery Today.

Leaders of national, consumer-led maternal health organizations from 14 countries across Europe presented reports on the status of women’s human rights, in law and in reality, in each national maternity care system.
It was highlighted that women do not lose their basic human rights once they become pregnant and they have the right to access the healthcare support that they, personally, need for a healthy birth.

2016/09/29 ECR Conference: "Safe Birth. Maternal Health"


20160929 conference safe birthSWe have participated at this event #safemotherhoodweek at the European Parliament.

To watch the video (intervention of Olalla Michelena: from 1:16:10 to 1:36:53)

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