2011/04 - Family Platform Project


MMM Europe was one of 12 partners in an exciting European Commission project called FAMILY PLATFORM that lasted from October 1, 2009 until April 1, 2011.

The Research division of the European Commission initiated this FAMILY PLATFORM project.  Its objective was to identify topics for research on families, which will ultimately produce data and scientific evidence for policy makers to use in the elaboration of new European social policies.

MMM, acting as a voice for Europe’s mothers, participated along with nine universities and two NGOs across Europe: COFACE (Confederation of Family Organizations in the European Union) and Forum delle Associazioni Familiari). The FAMILY PLATFORM was not a research project but its final report serves as a research agenda and basis for a research roadmap 2012-2013.  It identified key research topics and areas relevant to families which are important for national reform programs of the EU member states.

Another central objective of the FAMILY PLATFORM was to find an answer to the following question: “How can European policies and the EU member states improve the well-being of families in a long term?”

MMM was been assigned the following tasks:

  • Represent civil society on the Platform
  • Prepare report on the Reality of Mothers in Europe
  • Coordinate with European and International institutions (COE, OECD, NATO, UN)
  • Organize focus groups on Family Relationships and Well-being, Motherhood and Parenthood
  • Review Substantive Reports produced by Platform Participants

To accomplish these tasks,  we worked on:

  • Interviews with leaders and experts of organizations serving mothers
  • Online Survey of Mother’s concerns and priorities - sponsored by Qualtrics
  • Focus group discussions with mothers
  • Consultations with MMM network and partner associations
  • Organizing one-on-one discussions with mothers
  • Interviewing experts who serve and work with mothers
  • Monitoring blogs and forum discussions
  • Reviewing existing literature and research

REPORT: "Realities of Mothers in Europe " (87 p.) 

This report (downloadable below) was one of the assigned tasks in the Family Platform project.  It is a critical review of the existing research on mothers in Europe and attempts to also voice their concerns and opinions.

REPORT: Family Organisations at the Local, National, European and Global Level – Three Case Studies (53 p.)

This report (downloadable below), published by COFACE as part of the Family Platform project, profiles three case studies of civil society organisations involved in FAMILYPLATFORM and how they function: Forum Delle Associazioni Familiari (based in Rome and operating at a local and national level in Italy), Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union (based in Brussels and operating at a European Union level), and Mouvement Mondial des Mères (based in Paris and operating at a global level).

REPORT: "Foresight Report: Facets and Preconditions of Wellbeing of Families." (72 p.)

As part of the Family Platform project, the European Commission also commissioned a foresight report.  The objective of this foresight exercice is to establish different scenarios of family life in 2035 of which key policy and research questions are derived that have an impact on the wellbeing of families.

REPORT: Volunteering and the Family (47 p.)

Our last task in the Family Platform project was the coordination of the fourth and final online journal.  This volume examines the relationships between families and volunteering. Download it below or visit www.familyplatform.eu.

FINAL REPORT: "Research on Families and Family policies in Europe: State of the Art" (147 p.)

This final report resumes the work accomplished during the first Work Package of the Family Platform.  He was prepared and edited by Marjo Kuronen of the Family Research Centre (University of Jyväskylä) in Finland. This document can be downloaded below or on the Family Platform website.

POLICY BRIEF about the Family Platform project (8 p.)

This policy brief can be downloaded below or on the Family Platform website.

If you are interested in this project, contact us or register on www.familyplatform.eu.  You will find the many more reports that have been produced as part of this project.






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