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2017/06 Make Mothers Matter at the MenCare Global Meeting in Belgrade

The meeting opened on Thursday, June 8 with remarks by Brankica Jankovic, Serbia’s Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, and Vojislav Arsić, Founder and Director of Centar E8. The first day revealed key successes and lessons learned about engaging men as involved fathers and caregivers over six years of the global MenCare campaign.

The first and most important thing is that we value unpaid care. Until we value unpaid care equally to paid work, things aren’t going to change. Men are a really important part of making that change happen,” said Nikki van der Gaag, Oxfam GB’s Director of Women’s Rights and Gender Justice, looking back at the past six years of the MenCare campaign.
Findings from the State of the World’s Fathers: Time for Action2017 report were unveiled on the second day of the meeting, Friday, June 9. The second-everState of the World’s Fathersreport, a MenCare advocacy publication produced by Promundo, draws from nearly 100 research studies and reports, with data from nearly every country where it is available, to reveal what has stalled progress toward global gender equality and to lay out a bold agenda for men and boys doing fully 50 percent of the world’s unpaid care work.
“We [must] pass on the message to our sons and daughters that we expect all of us to be providers and caregivers,” said Gary Barker, Promundo-US’s President and CEO, during the launch of State of the World’s Fathers: Time for Action. “Fully paid leave clearly has to be part of this – paid, non-transferable, and of adequate length.”
The final day of the MenCare Global Meeting, Saturday, June 10, provided opportunities for regional break-out sessions to allow representatives from similar parts of the world to discuss joint collaboration and ways forward for MenCare.
The MenCare Global Meeting 2017 was jointly hosted by PromundoCentar E8, and the MenCare Steering Committee, including Sonke Gender JusticeSave the Children, and MenEngage Alliance.



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