How can YOU help?

  How can YOU help?

  Here are 7 different ways to support us:

  Change begins with you!


  1. Make a donation to support our day-to-day work on MMM Europe's bank account IBAN: BE15 7310 0646 5730 and BIC/SWIFT: KREDBEBB
  2. Register to our newsletter
  3. Download & share the results of the survey around you (Brochure in Français, English, Espanol, Deutsch, Italiano, et Nederlands).
  4. Download all your messages to policymakers to share with your local decision makers. (politicians, journalists, your boss, your HR manager and other opinion leaders)
  5. React to media articles, blogs, TV and radio shows and share your opinions.
  6. Visit our site regularly and link it to yours.
  7. Continue to be convinced that your role as a mother is essential for the future of Europe. Your confidence will lead society as a whole to better consider maternity, motherhood and fatherhood.

Looking for volunteers !

We are planning to grow our team and are looking to fill the following functions

Advocacy officers
You are confident with strong social skills? You have an interest in voicing concerns on behalf of mothers in Europe?  You enjoy meeting people and attending interesting meetings and conferences?  We are looking for volunteers to attend meetings and communicate MMM views mainly towards the European institutions and other relevant stakeholders.  You can help us make a difference even if you only have a few hours to spare a week or a month.   The team meets once a month in Brussels. Some of the tasks are:
  • Establish links with member of European Parliament (MEP), the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Commission, and other relevant organization
  • Ensure a presence and visibility in the European institutions , particularly the EU parliamentary commissions meetings in Brussels
  • Analyse reports and resolutions of the European Parliament and attend mainly the EMPL, FEMM and ENVI committees
  • Monitor the activity the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council presidencies in matters of interest to MMM.
  • Contribute to writing “position papers” and ensure their proper communication to EU institutions and national governments
 If you enjoy writing reports in English, you like to make analysis and you are interested in topics related to mothers and families, such as reconciling work and family life, mothers and health (maternal and child health and the prevention of obesity) and mothers as agents of peace don't hesitate to contact us!
We are looking for volunteers (temporarily or permanent) to draft research papers of 3 to 10 pages about topics that matter to MMM.  These papers help us relay our expert opinions on different matters. 

The benefits of volunteering with MMM Europe are the following: it's a great opportunity to become a member of a team who wants to make things happen, to become an actor enhancing the image, and promoting the contribution of mothers to their families and society at large.  It's also an opportunity to work on projects that are useful, interesting and that can make the difference.  You will also enlarge your network of contacts.

Don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email to Olalla Michelena, secretary general: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.THANK YOU!!


How... to become a member ?

Your organisation works in relation to mothers,children and families for :

  • Security in social life: Fighting against gender discriminationand violence against women;
  • Women's independance; Recognition for unpaid work in the home and the community; reconciling life in the family and the workplace;
  • Inclusion of women in the decision- taking process at all levels
  • Security in the family and neighbourhood:
    • Education for multi-cultural understanding and respect; Literacy and numeracy;
    • Prevention and managing of conflict under all its forms;
    • Basic human security : Water,food,housing,health sustainable development

The MMMI offers you :

  • An international network of grassroots organisations with whom to share and support know-how,experiences and solutions
  • A voice at the United Nations and European Union
  • Updated information about the UN and EU and current issues under discussion
  • Advocacy on how to negotiate with government bodies
  • Informations on conferences regarding women and families issues-Strenghthening your local actions with the first social network for all mothers of the world

How :

If you'd like to become a member, please visit the MMM International website

Thank you very much for your interest !

European Projects

Dorian Project: Impact of obesity during pregnancy

Position Papers

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