2017/ 06/ 7 & 8 MMM at the European Development Days

Several members of  MMM’ team attended the European Development Days which took place in Brussels on the 7th and 8th June: Johanna Schima (Policy officer), Chiara Dedeken (intern) and Abbigail Sorlie (intern) and Olalla Michelena (SG at EU delegation). It is Europe’s leading forum on development and international cooperation organised by the European Commission presenting Europe’s commitment to a fairer, more sustainable future. We took the opportunity to participate in several debates to convey that mothers are an untapped resource which can be used to tackle a number of challenges such as health promotion, peacebuilding, education etc to reach the 2030 sustainable agenda. We also participated in the Save the children video on What should the EU do for children? (minute 2:38)


2017/06 Make Mothers Matter at the MenCare Global Meeting in Belgrade

Make Mothers Matter had the pleasure to participate at the MenCare Global Meeting 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia which brought together nearly 100 activists, academics, and practitioners from 50 countries on June 8–10. The idea was to share and exchange new findings, lessons learned, and reflections from the field of engaging men as fathers and caregivers for gender equality.
MenCare Global Meeting 24SWe organised a roundtable on the 8th June to present the new work-life balance package from the European Commission launched in April 2017 aimed at increase labour participation of women and promoting the sharing of the unpaid care work by introducing a generous leave scheme for parents and carers and the right to request flexible working conditions.
The MenCare campaign’s second-ever global gathering sought to develop new strategies for continuing the fight for gender equality amid rising challenges; and to raise the profile of men’s caregiving within the global advocacy agenda for 2017 and beyond, including via the launch of the State of the World’s Fathers: Time for Action report.



2017/04/26 A step forward: New work-life balance package to improve the lives of working parents

Today, the European Commission has put forward an ambitious and comprehensive proposal on “Work-Life balance for working parents and carers”. Make Mothers Matter has joined a Coalition of European NGOs to warmly welcome this initiative. We are pleased to see it reflect our demands for a life-cycle and transversal approach. We are convinced that this initiative has the potential to bring real change in the lives of many Europeans.
First, we welcome the initiatives improving the current leave schemes as well as provisions of quality, affordable and accessible care services and the introduction of the right to request flexible working arrangements. A demand from MMM since several years and a very important measure to enable working mothers to remain or re-entry the labour market.
Some of the measures included are particularly helpful, notably the introduction of a paid paternity leave of ten days at EU level and a minimum payment at sick leave level of parental leave and increased flexibility (it can be taken until 12 years of age of the child and full time or part time). Payment, flexibility and non-transferability have been proven crucial to increase take- up among fathers. The Directive introduces also a new carers’ leave of 5 days per year paid also at sick pay level.   
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