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2016/06/15 MMM at the EU DEVELOPMENT DAYS

20160615 EU DEV DAYAnne Claire de Liedekerke (President) , Johanna Schima (Policy officer) and Olalla Michelena (SG at EU delegation) participated at the EU development days which took place in Brussels on 15th and 16th June. It is Europe’s leading forum on international cooperation and development bringing together around 6,000 participants from more than 140 countries, representing the global development community: political leaders, development practitioners, the private sector and civil society. This year’s forum – Sustainable Development Goals in Action: Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future – focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the heart of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The aim was to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. We took the opportunity to convey that mothers are an untapped resource which can be used to tackle a number of challenges such as health promotion, peacebuilding, education etc to reach the 2030 sustainable agenda.

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2016/05 MMM at Women Deliver

image003From the 16-19th May 2016, our secretary general, Olalla Michelena, participated at the fourth global Women Deliver conference which took place in Copenhagen. It was a high profile event attended by 5,759 persons from 169 countries including heads of State, politicians, ministers, academics, Heads of UN bodies, WHO and NGO representatives and women and girls from all over the world.
In fact, it was the largest gathering on girls’ and women’s health and rights of the last decade, and one of the first major global conferences following the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Women Deliver Conference aim to provide an opportunity for women and girls to be recognised as 'untapped resources' and ‘change makers’.
The focus of the 2016 conference was on how to implement the SDGs so they matter most for girls and women, with a specific focus on health – in particular maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights – and on gender equality, education, environment, and economic empowerment. There were 14 Core themes including:
- Making the SDGs Work for girls and Women
- Recommitting to maternal and newborn health
- Banking on Women’s economic empowerment
- Accessing essential resources
Our objective was to participate to the sessions particularly dedicated to maternal and child health to identify good practices in these topics;
Please find more information about the conference here

2016/05/28 Open Days of the European Parliament

As part of the EU Open Days taking place on 28th May, the European delegation of MMM had a stand at the European Parliament where 7000 visitors participated. We took the opportunity to inform and raise awareness on the importance of the advocacy work conducted by the team at EU level to make the voice of mothers heard.


The European Commission, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and MSD for Mothers launched recently the Birth Day Prize press release/website.
This cash prize will award up to three innovators for identifying and implementing the most effective solutions to prevent death and complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Proposed solutions can be of a clinical, technological or managerial nature and need to be novel, safe and scalable.
For this prize, the European Commission will commit €1 million under the EU's research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. In addition, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged another €1 million, while the Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation will donate €500,000. More details and the rules of the contest are available online.
Contestants will be able to apply from 28 April 2016 to 06 September 2017 and the winners (up to three) of the prize will be known at the end of 2017.
For more information and Twitter: #HorizonPrize.

2016/03/30 MMM joins the call asking the UN to count vulnerable children in SDGs

201603 ONU NY MThe Inter-Agency Expert Group on the Sustainable Developments Goals (IAEG-SDGs) is meeting in Mexico on 30 March 2016 for the next 2 days to discuss the Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) indicators. Make Mothers Matter and over 175 other NGOs are calling on them to make sure all children are counted by the SDGs.
We believe that some of the world’s most vulnerable children, those without parental care or at risk of being so, have “fallen off the statistical map” and will be left behind by the SDGs. If the data gap is not filled, children will continue to be left behind.
Therefore, we have joined other children’s and disabilities rights organisations and academics from across the world to intensify the demands on the UN to ensure that all children are counted as part of its global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
In a letter to UN statistical bodies - reissued after it was first sent last year, with a three-fold increase in signatories - we argue it is vital to ensure that the framework for monitoring the implementation of the SDGs captures “children living outside of households and/or without parental care”.
All children count but not all children all counted! Help us make sure that they #leavenoonebehind – including vulnerable children and families.
Please read our open letter to the IAEG-SDGs & share to spread the word.

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