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2016/03/30 MMM joins the call asking the UN to count vulnerable children in SDGs

201603 ONU NY MThe Inter-Agency Expert Group on the Sustainable Developments Goals (IAEG-SDGs) is meeting in Mexico on 30 March 2016 for the next 2 days to discuss the Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) indicators. Make Mothers Matter and over 175 other NGOs are calling on them to make sure all children are counted by the SDGs.
We believe that some of the world’s most vulnerable children, those without parental care or at risk of being so, have “fallen off the statistical map” and will be left behind by the SDGs. If the data gap is not filled, children will continue to be left behind.
Therefore, we have joined other children’s and disabilities rights organisations and academics from across the world to intensify the demands on the UN to ensure that all children are counted as part of its global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
In a letter to UN statistical bodies - reissued after it was first sent last year, with a three-fold increase in signatories - we argue it is vital to ensure that the framework for monitoring the implementation of the SDGs captures “children living outside of households and/or without parental care”.
All children count but not all children all counted! Help us make sure that they #leavenoonebehind – including vulnerable children and families.
Please read our open letter to the IAEG-SDGs & share to spread the word.

2016/2 EU Consultation on work life balance

In February 2016, the EU Delegation to Make Mothers Matter participated in the public consultation launched by the European Commission regarding a new start to address the challenges of work-life balance faced by working families. The aim was to gather views on possible measures to support working parents or caregivers to better reconcile work and family life .

MMM asked to include the right to request flexible working conditions: it is the right of the employee to ask the employer to arrange his working conditions to make them more flexible (telework, condensed hours etc). The employer has to duly consider the request and any rejection must be justified by reasons specifically listed in the law. The initiative, adopted in 2003 in the UK for parents of children under 17 or those caring for an adult, was extended in 2014 to all employees, due to its success. We think it will be very positive to include it in European legislation allowing employees to better reconcile private and professional life. The Commission is planning to launch this new initiative on work life balance at the end of 2016.

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